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Hello and welcome to my blog: Off to Cook and other things. Off to Cook is a companion blog for RoK Handmade Co, and it allows me to delve into areas other than my store. I created this space with the intention of sharing ways to live a bit slower in a fast paced world. Like many people, I work full-time, run a business, and care for my family, so I understand the temptation to gravitate towards the quick and easy. However, having a family with common (and no so common) allergies prevented me from doing that. Therefore, I had to create meals and some body recipes that would work for the ones that I love, without giving up my source of income. After 10+ years doing so, I’m able to share those tips and tricks with you. Living slower is not always easy, but it also does not have to take up your entire day either. With simple recipes and handy gadgets (crockpot anyone?), much can get accomplished. Here, I share knowledge on cooking and meal planning (especially gluten-free meals), decorating on a budget, and managing a busy life. Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date. Thanks for being here.